“Discovery of 18th-Century Toilet Relic with a 300-Year-Old Erotic Artifact.”

“Discovery of 18th-Century Toilet Relic with a 300-Year-Old Erotic Artifact.”

Archaeologists have found a 300-year-old leather sex toy buried in an 18th-century toilet.

The eight-inch dildo, with a wooden head, was discovered during an excavation at a former fencing school in Gdansk, Poland.

A spokesman for the Gdansk Regional Office for the Protection of Monuments said: “It was found in the latrine and dates back to the second half of the 18th century.

Sex toy: the eight-inch dildo dates back to the 18th century (Image:


“It’s quite thick and quite large, it’s made of leather and full of bristles, and it has a wooden tip that has been preserved in excellent condition. Someone probably dropped it in the bathroom.

“However, no one knows if it was by accident or on purpose.”

Archaeologists at the site previously discovered ancient swords, leading them to suspect the site was once a school of swordsmanship.

The sex toy has been removed for conservation work.

Dildos have been found in some form throughout history, and previously discovered Upper Paleolithic artifacts were thought to have been used for sexual pleasure.

And an Austrian museum even has the world’s oldest condom on display along with four other condom fragments dating back to around 1650.

These were also found in a bathroom at Dudley Castle in the West Midlands.