Tiny Pallet House or Cabin: DIY Tutorial

Plan a visually attractive and plane area of landscape for this cozy installation! For safety’s hazards, fix the concrete blocks to make it little bit off the ground to avoid the wood from getting influenced by the soft garden soil which mostly contain lot of wetness that can cause the wood to be damaged early!

Add the top flooring to concrete blocks, pick up the whole pallets, thoroughly cleaned and washed, and just put them together in good balance! Keep on leveling after you put down each skid for flooring! If you can afford, make the floored pallets varnished or painted in order to create more stability!

Use orbital or palm electrical sander to bring the wood in nice display by removing the popped up splinters and snags easily with it! This would also create a more enticing wood tone for visual attractiveness of overall design! So don’t forget to sand and rub the wood!

Now construction of side walls, it may a time taking one task as you always need to build them cleanly with lot of stability! There are some particular steps and techniques to build the walls in sturdiness!

Join the pallet boards together with plywood at the back and raise them to height you want for you outdoor DIY pallet shed or this uniquely original pallet cabin! Make sure that pallets have been aligned just in vertical upright position to avoid any damage!

To create more stability heavier and thicker wooden beams have been used! To install them to side wall for stronger assemblage and grip pocket holes have been made to them using hand drill, an appreciated method to hold the wooden pieces together instead of layering the glue inside, glue can also be used for more brilliant results!

The entire construction uses the pallet + plywood units built in different according sizes and you can see their terrific use in constructing the side walls, back and this time the front of the cabin! A little bit white wash can make the wood to live last!

Precise measurements will save lot of time and also the material from wasting like wood and paint! Go with measurements to have a bold and well defined shape of your cabinet! Sand the wood wherever you see some popped up splinters and use the patina to fill up the cracks in wood to get it plane and smooth!

Just hide the random unpleasing wooden skeleton and rusticity of pallets with plywood sheets! The fabulous result of this plywood coverage, will be a smooth looking and charming edging all around and would be amazingly enticing to onlookers!