Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle!

I made a pallet half-moon cradle from pictures I found on 1001pallets. It has an MDF frame and soft lighting inside. I carved star shapes on the outside, too! The cradle sits on a sturdy wooden pedestal base.

Skip the ugly store-bought cradles and build an heirloom pallet half-moon cradle!

At the time, I could not download plans, so I made my own by looking at the picture. First, I cut the shape out from MDF sheets. I dismantled several pallets and cut the boards into 18″ lengths. Then I installed the panels on the outside of the half-moon shapes. I didn’t have enough pallet wood, so I used leftover 1×4″s from another project.

Then I applied a whitewashed painting technique using gray paint. I used a changing table pad bought at a local store for inside bedding. Wire lighted added. Don’t forget the DIY Bluejeans Bibs!