How To Make Pallet Room Divider

A pallet room divider is an unconventional piece of furniture to part off a room in your own home, or protect a closet or simply as an image display. The number of pallets used in this task is determined by the size of room you want.

2 panels on the hinged area divider can be created from 6 pallets. Clear the large panel on the bottom side of the pallet. Retain the frame, along with the best panels.

Keep the pallets head to head and attach them together. Protect the 2 pallets so they are secure. Arrange the top panels of the pallet horizontally and towards you. The top planks on the 2 pallets currently make the front side of 1 panel of the screen.

Put a 3rd pallet on top of those 2, and attach it to complete 1 large panel. Plan and make a 2nd set up for the next panel. The really bottom of each stack can be embellished with staple on a bit of vinyl or even felt.

The felt or vinyl will hold the completed screen and will maintain the pallet from leaving scratch marks on the ground.

The boards in the standing pallets create an interesting “peek-a-boo” into the next place. The wood panels can hold images, medallions, cowboy hats, awards on ribbons, and related items.

This place divider can be a pleasant location to hold a number of things while covering up a number of those “peek-a-boo” spaces. Screws, nails, or hooks, can be interesting hangers for your own display.

Completely open the bedroom divider and put it at a ninety degree angle. Simply flip it close and remove to make space when needed. Although it’s a little bit large and difficult to handle as compared to a typical room divider, but still it is also much more special and eye-catching.