30+ Simple Toe Nail Designs

There is no need for Hard to Achieve designs to show off our Toenails.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect spring manicure or a quick and easy mani-pedi —coming up with the right nail design can be challenging. To ​simplify and quicken this process, girlygirlsmanis offer unique designs that are stylish, dynamic and more customized than what a salon can provide.

Pinky Cheeks is one of their most popular designs with their opinion poll suggesting that 76% of US girls agree. Simply take your favorite ​texturized cream highlighter on swiped across your cheekbone to get that defining NYX feathery look!

Pedal Style is becoming a favorite again this season before they grew too popular in earlier Fall seasons. This design utilizes color blocking from there pedicure colors of purple, aqua blue and black to create different pedi angles creating an even more simplistic nail design for a fall look!