25 Free DIY Birdhouse Plans

This spring, groove your garden with some gorgeous birdhouses in them, forming a lovely neighborhood for the cute birds. Learn how to build a birdhouse for your garden With these 35 free DIY birdhouse plans and ideas to attract many chirping birds to enjoy their every flying.

The icing on the cake is that all ideas are money-saving and can be worked upon with home supplies or useless lying things in the surroundings. You can first employ a wooden blog with a cinder top or a piece of driftwood covered with pines, cones, and moss as a natural house for the small birds.

A miniature birdhouse with a covering of paint and beads would adore your yard, or you can use it as a jewelry hanger in a unique way.

Long boots with a hole and a wooden shelter make the trendiest and cool DIY birdhouse ever. You can hang up an old metal tea cattle or cracked pieces of teapots on the tree branches serving as comfy housing and feeders together; if you cherish simplicity, you can carve a simple birdhouse with hanging seeds fruits to divert bird’s attention to feed on them.

The birdhouses can be shaped gourd and painted with funny faces like those in the pictures to enhance the garden decor.

1. Build Your Own Birdhouse

Here is this gorgeous birdhouse to be a part of your garden décor. You can easily make this birdhouse from wooden pieces and using your necessary crafty tools. The enchanting thing about this birdhouse is its planter full of lovely green plants to look more pretty and attract more birds to it. Check out the details here! bhg

2. Palm Springs Birdhouse

Even if you buy a birdhouse, you can decorate it independently and make it a part of your décor. Here is the market-bought Palm Springs birdhouse that you can personalize using the foam sheets. Cut a door out of the pink foam and the roof squares from the brown and glue them up. Grab more details here! clubcrafted

3. Living-Roof Birdhouse

Here is a birdhouse that would not only provide the birds a house but a relaxing rood too. Yes, the rood of this gorgeous wooden birdhouse has been planted with succulents to become more attractive for the cute little birds. This living room birdhouse is a perfect way to welcome springs into your spaces. Check out complete details of the cute idea here! midwestliving

4. Easy DIY PVC Birdhouse

This is the most unusual and quirky birdhouse that you have ever seen around. The best thing instead of buying such a birdhouse with a fortune, you can make one at home and that too using the PVC pipe. The birdhouse’s main supplies are PVC pipes, wooden dowels, spray paints, and wooden rounds. You can see the rest of the list of the tools and supplies along with instructions here! instructables

5. How to Build a Birdhouse

Bring some eye-popping cuteness to your outdoor space with this lovely and easy DIY build a birdhouse project! The gorgeous birdhouse is relatively easy to make with a few wooden pieces and basic crafting tools. The light blue paint hues really add cute spring and summer vibes to the birdhouse. You can grab the detailed tutorial here! homedepot

6. Modern DIY Birdhouse

Garden décor is so undone without a lovely birdhouse hanging around. So here we have brought to you this charming modern DIY birdhouse that you can make out of a few wooden boards on your own. The birds are going to get really attracted to this pinky birdhouse and start living in it. Follow the tutorial here! ohohdeco

7. Build a Bluebird House

Make the bluebirds a habitat in your house with this lovely bluebird house project. The bluebirds are quite small, so you can make this lovely tiny blue birdhouse and welcome these birds to live in your space. This would be a great initiative as the number of bluebirds is decreasing. So learn to make this blue bird house right here! familyhandyman

8. DIY Flowerpot Birdhouse

Here is another amazing idea to create a pretty and comfortable house for the birds who visit your garden often. This easy peasy project shows how you can make a birdhouse out of a terracotta pot. The mouth of the terracotta pot is covered with a wooden round having a drilled hole in it. Grab more simple details here! bhg

9. Make Your Own Barn Wood Birdhouse

If you see some barn wood lurking around you, then grab it as you can use it to make this lovely barn wood birdhouse for your garden spaces. The birdhouse looks like an actual house as it got everything a house owns. Stairs, windows, pipe hose, and many more feature this super cute yet little barn wood birdhouse. Details here! sadieseasongoods

10. Homemade Yard Art Birdhouse

This super cute and colorful yard art birdhouse is your new favorite project for the weekend. This birdhouse has multiple sections so that many birds can make it their home or own a family of birds. You need a lot of wooden boards and eye-popping bold paint hues to work up this project. Check out the step-by-step details here! feltmagnet

11. Birdhouse from Scrap Wood

When working on a big wooden project or doing such projects, we are often left out with many wooden scraps. So make the most of these wooden left-out pieces and make this birdhouse from that scrap. You would need some pretty paint hues to make this lovely birdhouse, along with the wooden scrap, your basic crafty tools. Details here! myrepurposedlife

12. Log Cabin Bank Birdhouse

Let the birds live in style at your spaces with this log cabin bank birdhouse. Using wooden boards and sticks, you can easily make this pretty and super stylish cabin bank birdhouse with utter, rustic vibes. So grab your supplies and tools and get along the tutorial of this lovely birdhouse right on the link here! sadieseasongoods

13. Build a Backyard Birdhouse

This backyard birdhouse looks more of an art piece than a habitat for the birds for being so gorgeous. This birdhouse has a classic design, and you can make it within a few hours at the cost of fewer than 20 dollars. There is a long list of supplies and tools, and you can get it all here, along with the written instructions and details! familyhandyman

14. DIY Wood Birdhouse

Here is another fun idea of the DIY wood birdhouse you can make with your kids and decorate your garden spaces. You need thick wooden rectangles and a wooden piece with a dog ear shape to make this lovely birdhouse, and not only one, but you can also make a lot of them. Learn the step-by-step details here! 100things2do

15. DIY Coconut Birdhouse

This DIY coconut birdhouse is quite simple to make and super fun to flaunt in your spaces. Take a coconut and take out all the coconut and water and dry it out. Then create a big hole for the bird entrance at the front and a smaller one on the top so that you can hang it on a tree. Check out the details here! instructables

16. Stone-Covered Birdhouse

Gardens are undone without the birdhouse being a part of their décor and beauty. So here is the idea of making this stone-covered birdhouse for your spaces. A plastic container with a hole in its center has been covered with rocks and pebbles and then added with a wooden roof. The stones make the birdhouse look more pretty and natural. Check out the details here! hobbyfarms

17. Midcentury Modern Birdhouse

Here is the modern birdhouse you can make and bring some chic beauty and charm to your spaces. The midcentury modern house is super easy to make with a few wooden boards and pieces. The pop-up of bright paint color adds modern value and charm to this midcentury modern birdhouse, and it can be a total of your own choice. Details here! dunnlumber

18. DIY Living Roof Birdhouse

These cute and colorful DIY living roof birdhouses are among the prettiest additions to your garden or yard beauty. The wooden roofs of the birdhouse have been planted with some lovely succulents to make them living and lively. The birds would love to come to the roof and play there. Check out the details here! rebeccasbird

19. Copper and Mint DIY Birdhouse

There are plain wooden birdhouses available in the market, and you can bring them home and give a makeover. Here is this copper and mint DIY birdhouse to bring an eye-catching appeal to your spaces. The trod of the birdhouse has been treated with the copper sheet, and the rest of the house has been painted with pistachio mint acrylic. Check out the rest of the details here! makeandfable

20. Beach Inspired Birdhouse

Here is this beach-inspired birdhouse to bring oodles of summer charm and beauty to your summer outdoors. The birdhouse has been painted in the sea blue mist and the sea salt white for a perfect beachy look. Then decorate this birdhouse with starfish, snails, and driftwood, and your birdhouse is ready. Check out the details here! petticoatjunktion

21. Nail-Less Birdhouse

Here is this nail-less birdhouse that is super easy and chic to make for your modern garden or the yard. You need the wooden boards for the walls, base, and roof section of this birdhouse. The birdhouse has been put together with the help of the hinges and painted in a gorgeous contrast of red and green. Follow the tutorial right here! thediydreamer

22. Milk Carton Birdhouse

Here is a fun craft idea for you and your kids that you can do this weekend. This cute and colorful milk carton birdhouse is quite easy and cheap to make. Just grab empty milk cartons, a wooden spoon, tissue paper square in the assorted colors, and other crafty materials to work up this lovely birdhouse. Check out the details here! happinessishome

23. Building a Birdhouse

Have some wooden sheets and thinking of making something out of them? How about creating these adorable and cute birdhouses out of them? They are super easy and fun to make and bring some joy and fun of birds to your spaces. Just cut the wooden pieces out of your wooden sheets depending on your design and put them together. Check out more details of the idea here! toolsinaction

24. Modern Style Birdhouse

Add more to the modern style statement of your house with this lovely modern-style birdhouse. The design and choice of paint hues make this birdhouse a beautiful and chic garden possession. The paint hues in blue and white with a pop-up of some yellow really add oodles of charm and beauty to your spaces. Details here! familyhandyman

25. How to Make a Birdhouse

Here is another gorgeous project of the birdhouse to bring some nature and magic to your spaces. The birdhouse is easy to make with a few wooden pieces being put together. The gorgeous contrast of the white and paint hues really adds to the funkiness and beauty of the birdhouse. Also, a metal star at the front is quiet, making the birdhouse look interesting and cool. Details here! feltmagnet.