30 Simple Short Nail Ideas That Are so Stylish

In today’s style trends, everyone strives for contentment in their comfort zone while feeling exclusive with how it is presented. That’s why short nails/ short manicures have acclaimed their spot, and many nail artists nowadays offer endless designs that are as attractive as long nails.

Furthermore, not all girls can wear extra long nails for many reasons like working requirements and others. In fact, long nails, such as coffin nails or almond-shaped nails, are not a good idea for women who do a lot with their hands, such as regularly typing on the computer or playing the piano.

For whatever reason, short nails are a better option. And you can have so many sophisticated cute nail designs with short nails.

You can choose whether to opt for Short nail ideas in gel nails or acrylic nails; both are fashionable nail polishes that are super comfy to rock this year and suitable for any season or occasion. We will show you that short nail designs can be exquisite, feminine, and at the same time, very practical. And that’s why they’re so trendy.

Let yourself be convinced with these stunning and cute short nail ideas that you will obsess over immediately. And very easy to execute on your own.