15 Cool Tree Stump Ideas To Make Useful Things

If you have been noticing and yet ignoring the presence of a tree trunk in your surroundings every time you walk by it, then it’s time to grab it and bring it home right now. Want to know why? Let me answer it. There are many ways, ideas, and tricks with which you can use these trunks creatively and get some really appealing stuff for your home furniture and decor.

Just use your imagination power and explore your crafting skills by experimenting on the tree trunks. We are sure the results would be fantastic, incredible, and totally one of a kind. If you have never used tree trunks before, you can boost your imagination and skills, looking at these 15 cool tree stump ideas to make useful things. From some rustic and robust furniture possessions to some aesthetic decor items, this collection covers a lot.

A large and small coffee table with wheels and hairpin legs would surely steal your heart made outstandingly out the tree trunks. Outdoor chairs, tables, and benches, planters from these trunks can be the best addition to the tranquil ambiance of your garden or patio. Trunk shelves, coat stands, vases, candle holders and votives, and many more things are waiting to melt our hearts with their natural beauty right below.

1. DIY Tree Stump Art

DIY tree stump art is the top idea to beautify your home decoration. With this style touch, you can make your home decor special. Making this with your own hands gives you sentimental value. So let nature make your home beautiful. Supplies are tree stump, chisel, and hammer, bar clamps, chalk pencil, and sandpaper. hallmarkchannel

2. Kids Tree Trunk Table with Toadstools

Give a try to make these lovely toadstools with a tree trunk table. Your kids are going to love this idea. This is really easy to make with no budget. That can be used both for your indoors and outdoors. With this, you can add elegance to your home decor too. Stuff required is the tree trunk, hardwood timber, cotton stuffing, wood glue, and white spray paint. grillo designs

3. Bottle Cap Tree Trunk Table

If you are bored with the surface of the tree trunk table, you can use bottle caps. This is a nice-looking idea. Use varieties of bottle caps that have different colors. To make this more classy, add black grout to fill up the fillings. Material is bottle caps, a tree trunk, black grout, glue, and epoxy. instructables

4. Cool Tree Trunk Coffee Table

Make this unique tree trunk coffee table to show off your DIY skills. This is easy to make without breaking the bank. You can make this in the afternoon and when you are free. The best part is that you can make this entirely with upcycled things. The required material is the tree trunk, hammer, chisel, and sanding discs. diynetwork

5. Tree Stump Side Tables

If you’re looking for a natural idea to make your room look stunning, Use these tree strum side tables for this. They are easy to make free of cost. You can paint or stain them for their natural look. You can also add wheels to the bottom so that you can put them in or out. Stuff required is a tree stump, hammer, paint or stain, and wheels. abeautifulmess

6. Wood Burned Tree Trunk Candle Holders

For your home decor, make these lovely wood burned tree trunk candle holders for free. They are quite easy to make even in your spare time. These gorgeous-looking candle holders are adorable for your centerpiece. Material required is tree branch or trunk, drill, tea light candles, and wood-burning tool. mysocalledcraftylife

7. Clay Tree Trunk Pencil Holder

Make a tree trunk pencil holder with the use of clay. The clay makes an adorable surface of the tree trunk. You can texture on the surface of the clay for a natural look. You can use this for gift giving to your loved ones. This realistic idea also makes your home decor stunning. The raw material needed for this is the tree trunk, clay, and scissors. urbancomfort

8. Corner Tree Trunk Bookshelf

Turn an old tree trunk into a fine-looking bookshelf. This is the best way to display your knick-knacks. Your guests would not stop themselves from staring at this lovely bookshelf. There is no need for experience. This is easy and affordable. Material is the tree trunk, wood glue, wood stain, clamps, and sandpaper. decorhomeideas

9. Tree Trunk Slice Decor

Here is this lovely tree trunk slice décor to bring some quirky appeal and charm to your spaces. The top of the tree trunk has been painted in swirls of multiple paint hues to turn out just so catchy and cool. So grab a tree trunk, paintbrush, and paint colors to work up this quirky and cool project. Check out the details here! hometalk

10. Tree Trunk Garden Stool

For your fireplace, make this tree trunk garden stool. These garden stools are perfect for sitting with your friends and more appropriate than ordinary garden chairs. This can make your garden look adorable. The basic material is old tree trunks, chainsaws, and grinding machines. instructables

11. Turn a Tree Stump Into Birdbath

Try this idea to make a birdbath from a tree stump. This is easy to make with no time. You can use a piece of square slate on the surface of the tree stump. Then take a bowl like a utensil and place it over the slate, and you have the perfect birdbath ready. Check out the detailed tutorial right here! hgtv

12. How to Make a Tree Trunk Bench

Bring a gorgeous rustic wooden bench to your spaces with this tree trunk bench idea. Yes, the lovely bench is completely made out of tree trunk pieces, and you would need a chain saw to cut it up into the required pieces. So make the most out of the tree trunks lying around you by working up this lovely tree trunk bench. Step by step details of the idea here! instructables

13. Cool DIY Tree Stump Solar Lights

Install the most robust and most rustic in style solar lights in your outdoors with these DIY tree stump solar lights. They are super easy and fun to install with only a few things on hand. So get your hands on the tree stumps, solar lights, beeswax, and antique door pieces to make these budget-saving solar lights. Details here! hometalk

14. Wine Rack from an Old Tree Stump

Make your outdoors more fun with this wine rack from an old tree stump to be a part of your outdoor spaces. The ample length tree trunk has been treated with the drill to create multiple holes on its structure into which you would hold your wine bottles. Check out the details of this quirky and super cool idea here and party hard in your outdoors. Details here! cleverly

15. Woodland Cookies and Tree Trunk Gift Box

If you have little ones in your house with whom you love working on interesting and fun crafts, we got something for you. Here is the idea of this woodland cookies and tree trunk gift box that you can easily make with your kids this weekend. The woodland creatures like owl, fox, hedgehog, squirrel, and bear are peeking through a hollowed wooden trunk box. Complete details here! nexttonicx